Soil Science

Soil Science

Soil Science

Agricultural Soil & Food Systems

    Nutrient Management & Soil & Plant Analysis

    Manufacturing technology, additives, coating techniques, evaluation, and soil test analysis. Faculty: John GroveDave McNearHanna Poffenbarger

    Soil & Water Management & Conservation

    Irrigation, drainage, tillage, erosion, evaporation, transpiration, cropping systems, and cultivation methodsFaculty: John GroveHanna Poffenbarger

    Soil Fertility & Plant Nutrition

    Plant nutrients and plant nutrition, interaction of plant growth factors, and soil and plant tissue tests. Faculty: John GroveDave McNearHanna Poffenbarger

    Fundamental Soil Science


      Soil formation and geology, physical and chemical properties, soil survey and mapping, interpretation of soil behavior, and wetland preservation. Faculty: Chris Shepard

      Soil Biology & Biochemistry

      Soil microorganisms, organic matter, nitrogen transformations, microbial decomposition, rhizosphere dynamics, mycorrhizae, enzymes, and fate of organic material. FacultyRebecca McCulleyDave McNearHanna Poffenbarger

      Soil Chemistry

      Analysis, acidity, liming, ion exchange, physical chemistry of soils, and behavior of soil additives. FacultyJohn GroveChris MatochaDave McNearJason Unrine

      Soil Mineralogy

      Frequency, distribution, formation, translocation, and properties of soil minerals. Faculty: Chris Matocha

      Soil Physics & Hydrology

      Water movement, structure and aggregation, and modeling of water movement and contaminant movement. Faculty: Ole Wendroth

      Soil & Ecosystem Processes

        Forest, Range, & Wildland Soils

        Soil organic matter dynamics; biogeochemistry of deficient nutrients; long-term soil sustainability management practices; belowground processes and rhizosphere dynamics; water relations/hydrology; soil biodiversity. Faculty: Rebecca McCulleyChris Barton

        Soils & Environmental Quality

        Influence upon and interaction of soils with the environment; efforts of soil scientists to maintain and improve the quality of the environment. Faculty: Dave McNearHanna PoffenbargerJason UnrineBrad Lee

        Urban & Anthropogenic Soils

        Soils altered by human activities in the suburban or urban environment. Faculty: Brad Lee

        Wetland Soils

        Wetland soil processes, classification, nutrient relationships, and water quality. Faculty: Elisa D'Angelo

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        Department Chair

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