Dave H. McNear

Dave H. McNear

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Dave H. McNear


N-122S Ag. Science Building North 1100 Nicholasville Road Lexington, KY 40546-0091

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Professional Biography

Areas of Interest: In my research I explore the biogeochemical processes occurring at the soil-water-plant interface (a.k.a. the Rhizosphere) and how these processes influence the mobility and bioavailability of trace elements in natural systems. Metals enter the environment from a variety of sources, whether geogenically from metal rich parent materials, or anthropogenically from sources such as metal mining/smelting/refining, military training activities, land application of drinking water or wastewater treatment residues or animal waste applications. Understanding how these metals interact with the numerous inorganic, organic and biological components present within soil is essential to predicting their overall fate and impact on or within the surrounding ecosystem and is the focus of my research.


Ph.D., Environmental Soil Chemistry, Universtiy of Delaware, 2005
M.S., Environmental Pollution Control, Pennsylvania State University, 2001
B.S., Environmental Resource Management, Pennsylvania State University, 1997
Comments: Minor in Environmental Engineering
A.A., Life Sciences, Harrisburg Area Communtiy College, 1995

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Rebecca McCulley, Ph.D.
Department Chair

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