Tomokazu Kawashima

Tomokazu Kawashima

Tomokazu Kawashima

Associate Professor

321 Plant Sciences Building 1405 Veterans Drive Lexington, KY 40546-0312

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Advances in live-cell imaging technology and the collection of cell marker lines have allowed to visualize dynamic movement of gamete cells and nuclei during fertilization. Very recently, live imaging of embryo development in the model plant Arabidopsis become possible. One of our lab focuses is to understand the dynamic movement and importance of cytoskeleton during fertilization and seed development through live-cell imaging.

The evolution of land plants is marked by at least three reproductive innovations: (i) the establishment of multicellular sporophytes by bryophytes, (ii) the acquisition of elaborate reproductive structures including seeds and pollens in gymnosperms, and (iii) the invention of flowers and double fertilization in angiosperms. Marchantia polymorpha is a bryophyte, considered as one of the earliest diverging land plants. Using Marchantia and Arabidopsis, our lab would like to establish an Evo-Devo project to understand how land plants acquired important reproductive traits during evolution.


Assistant Professor (2016-Present)
Plant & Soil Sciences Department, University of Kentucky

Senior Research Fellow (2014–2016)
Gregor Mendel Institute, Austria – Fred Berger group

Research Fellow (2010–2014)
Temasek Life Sciences Laboratory, Singapore - Fred Berger Group


Ph.D., Molecular, Cell, and Developmental Biology, University of California, Los Angeles, 2009
B.S., University of Tsukuba, 2002

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