Montse Salmeron

Montse Salmeron

Portrait of Montse Salmeron

Montse Salmeron

Assistant Professor

427 Plant Sciences Building 1405 Veterans Drive Lexington, KY 40546-0312

Last Revised: Mar 19th, 2024

Professional Biography

Areas of Interest: My Lab is interested in studying the interactive effects of environment, management, and crop genetics on the productivity and sustainability of grain cropping systems. We address this complex question with a multi-disciplinary approach that integrates agronomic and hypothesis-driven eco-physiology research with the use of crop simulation models. Main research questions in our lab try to fill knowledge gaps in soil-plant-atmosphere interactions and plant processes that ultimately determine yield and grain composition.


2016-present, Assistant Professor. University of Kentucky

2012-2016, Postdoctoral Research Associate. University of Arkansas.

2006-2011, Research Assistant, Ph.D. program. Soils and Irrigation Department. Agrifood Research and Technology Centre of Aragón (CITA), and Spanish National Research Council (CSIC), Zaragoza, Spain.


Specialties: Grain Crops

Course Instruction

PLS 103: Plants, Soils and People: A Global Perspective
PLS 104: Plants, Soils and People: A Science Perspective
PLS 502: Ecology of Economic Plants
PLS 602: Principles of Yield Physiology

Contact Information

Rebecca McCulley, Ph.D.
Department Chair

105 Plant Sciences Building Lexington, KY 40546-0312

(859) 257-5020