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Professional Biography

Our research interests are centered in two main areas: 

  1. mechanistic study of transcription factors (TFs) for plant metabolic pathway regulation, and 
  2. improvement of bioenergy production through engineering tobacco plants to produce high-density biofuels and engineering enzymes for novel functions in biomass conversion. 

A new research focus in our lab is the modification of leaf characteristics and surface chemistry. The research in our lab addresses some of the key issues in molecular biology and protein biochemistry and contributes to the development of new-crop opportunities and bioenergy, two important areas in the agricultural economies of Kentucky and the nation.


Recent Publications

Liu Y, Singh SK, Pattanaik S, Wang H, Yuan L. (2023) Light regulation of the biosynthesis of phenolics, terpenoids, and alkaloids in plants. Communications Biology. 6(1):1055.

Hou X, Singh SK, Werkman JR, Liu Y, Yuan Q, Wu X, Patra B, Sui X, Lyu R, Wang B, Liu X, Li Y, Ma W, Pattanaik S, Yuan L. (2023) Partial desensitization of MYC2 transcription factor alters the interaction with jasmonate signaling components and affects specialized metabolism. International Journal of Biological Macromolecules. 252:126472

Wenwen Liu, Huayuan Mu, Ling Yuan, Yang Li, Yuting Li, Shenchang Li, Chong Ren, Wei Duan, Peige Fan, Zhanwu Dai, Yongfeng Zhou, Zhenchang Liang, Shaohua Li, Lijun Wang (2023) VvBBX44 and VvMYBA1 form a regulatory feedback loop to balance anthocyanin biosynthesis in grapeHorticulture Research. 10(10):uhad176

Jie Zhang, Liheng He, Jingjing Dong, Cailiang Zhao, Yujie Wang, Ruimin Tang, Wenbin Wang, Zhixian Ji, Qinghe Cao, Hong’e Xie, Zongxin Wu, Runzhi Li, Ling Yuan, Xiaoyun Jia (2023) Integrated metabolic and transcriptional analysis reveals the role of carotenoid cleavage dioxygenase 4 (IbCCD4) in carotenoid accumulation in sweetpotato tuberous rootsBiotechnology for Biofuels and Bioproducts. 16(1): 45

Lim ARQ, Kong Q, Noor A, Song YQ, Pattanaik S, Yuan L, Ma W. (2023) B-BOX-DOMAIN PROTEIN32 modulates seed oil biosynthesis in Arabidopsis by interacting with WRINKLED1. Plant Physiology. 193(2):919-922

Ren G, Li L, Patra B, Li N, Zhou Y, Zhong C, Wang Y, Yuan L, Wang X. (2023) GhTCP7 suppresses petal expansion by interacting with the WIP-type zinc finger protein GhWIP2 in Gerbera hybrida. Journal of Experimental Botany. doi: 10.1093/jxb/erad152

Yang Y, Kong Q, Tee WT, Li Y, Low PM, Patra B, Guo L, Yuan L, Ma W. (2023) Transcription factor bZIP52 modulates Arabidopsis seed oil biosynthesis through interaction with WRINKLED1. Plant Physiology. doi: 10.1093/plphys/kiad270

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Yin Q, Wu T, Gao R, Wu L, Shi Y, Wang X, Wang M, Xu Z, Zhao Y, Su X, Su Y, Han X, Yuan L, Xiang L, Chen S. (2023) Multi-omics reveal key enzymes involved in the formation of phenylpropanoid glucosides in Artemisia annua. Plant Physiology and Biochemistry. 201:107795.

Haiyang Chen, Xinna Liu, Shenchang Li, Ling Yuan, Huayuan Mu, Yi Wang, Yang Li, Wei Duan, Peige Fan, Zhenchang Liang, Lijun Wang (2023) The class B Heat Shock Factor HSFB1 regulates heat tolerance in grapevine, Horticulture Research; uhad001, 

Mohammad Foteh Ali, Ji-Min Shin, Umma Fatema, Daisuke Kurihara, Frédéric Berger, Ling Yuan, and Tomokazu Kawashima(2022) Cellular dynamics of coenocytic endosperm development in Arabidopsis thaliana. Nature Plants. (in press)

Chao Yang, Yuping Li, Guangyu Shi, Ming Luo, Hongxia Wang, Jihua Wang, Ling Yuan, Ying Wang , Yongqing Li (2022) Genome-wide identification of SnRK1 and FLZ genes in licorice highlights their roles in plant growth and abiotic stress responses. International Journal of Molecular Science. (in press)

Mu H, Li Y, Yuan L, Jiang J, Wei Y, Duan W, Fan P, Li S, Liang Z, Wang L. (2022) MYB30 and MYB14 form a repressor-activator module with WRKY8 that controls stilbene biosynthesis in grapevine. Plant Cell. (in press)

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Books and Book Chapters

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Post-Doctoral Fellowship, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Univeristy of California, San Francisco, 1989
Ph.D., Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, University of Texas at Austin, 1989
B.S., Biology, Jinan University, 1983

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