Erin R. Haramoto

Erin R. Haramoto

Erin R. Haramoto

Associate Professor

411 Plant Sciences Building 1405 Veterans Drive Lexington, KY 40546-0312

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Professional Biography

The main objective of my program is to develop integrated weed management programs for Kentucky's grain crop producers that combine physical, biological, and chemical management tactics. More integrated methods will help to lessen reliance on chemical weed management while also managing herbicide-resistant weeds and slowing the evolution of new resistant weeds. My research currently addresses how weeds and weed seeds in the soil respond to practices like cover cropping and reduced tillage.


Ph.D., Horticulture, Michigan State University, 2014
Comments: Ecological Food and Farming Specialization
M.S., Plant, Soil, and Environmental Sciences, University of Maine, 2004
Comments: Sustainable Agriculture Program
B.S., Biology, George Washington University, 1997

Course Instruction

PLS 504: Integrated Weed Management (4)
Course Description: A study of weed management concepts based on the integration of weed biology and ecology data with cultural, biological, and herbicidal control.
PLS 531: Field Schools in Crop Pest Management (2)
Course Description: A course for the Plant Pest Management option in Plant and Soil science to reinforce the concepts of pest management learned in previous courses. Emphasis will be placed on integrating information to develop pest management strategies. Instructional methods will include formal lectures and laboratories in the field.
PLS 416G: Cover Crops in Agroecosystems (3)
Course Description: Management, environmental, economic, and social considerations of cover crops across a diversity of agricultural production systems. Through lab activities, students will actively grow cover crops, measure benefits and tradeoffs, and apply knowledge to make management and policy recommendations.
PLS 697: Special Topics in Plant and Soil Science
Course Description: Special topic or experimental course in cross science, horticulture, plant physiology or soil science for advanced graduate students.

Contact Information

Rebecca McCulley, Ph.D.
Department Chair

105 Plant Sciences Building Lexington, KY 40546-0312

(859) 257-5020