Lucas Pinheiro de Araújo won second place in the Ph.D. graduate student poster contest at the Weed Science Society of America 2017 conference in Tucson, AZ. His poster was titled “Field Performance of a Novel 2,4-D tolerant Red Clover (Trifolium pratense)."

 "Incorporation of a legume, such as red clover, into grass-based pasture systems offers many benefits. However, available lines are highly susceptible to herbicides, in particular 2,4-D, which is widely used for broadleaf weed management in pastures. A novel red clover line, UK2014, that has higher tolerance to 2,4-D than common varieties used by Kentucky’s forage producers was developed at the University of Kentucky through conventional breeding. Adopting this new 2,4-D tolerant line would broaden weed management options in a legume-grass mixed pasture while increasing its quality and yield. Therefore, our main objectives are to assess UK2014's tolerance and, in a broad perspective, to deliver a novel legume option to forage producers."