Plant and Soil Sciences Support Staff Roles

Plant and Soil Sciences Support Staff Roles

Plant and Soil Sciences Support Staff Roles

Suzette WallingSuzette Walling
Department Manager
105 Plant Sciences Building
(859) 218-0793

  • Assist Coordinators of Instruction, Extension and Director of Graduate Studies
  • Manage faculty distribution of effort (DOE) and faculty appointments
  • Assist with faculty tenure and promotion process and evaluations
  • Compile various annual reports
  • Assist with reviews and tracking of extension publications 
  • Chair support - meetings, approvals, etc.
  • Building maintenance
  • Inventory
  • Administrative support for undergraduate and graduate programs
  • Manage visa requests and requirements for visiting scholars and students
  • TA assignments and course schedules

Sarah HewlettSarah Hewlett
Human Resources Manager
105 Plant Sciences Building
(859) 218-0709

  • Hiring
  • Position updates
  • New employee onboarding and separation procedures
  • Departmental contact for HR policy questions
  • Departmental contact for staff performance evaluation questions
  • Graduate students - GSAS form
  • Payroll
  • Pay account distributions
  • Staff - time sheets
  • Post-doc appointments

Zoe WomackZoe Womack
Administrative Assistant
105 Plant Sciences Building
(859) 218-0742

  • Travel authorizations, reservations, reimbursements (Concur)
  • Building, room and departmental vehicle keys
  • Manage PSS social media
  • Event support: invited seminar speakers, graduate student symposia, S.H. Phillips and Outstanding Alumnus, department functions and meetings
  • Reservations for PSB conference rooms, Cameron Williams and AGN N-224
  • Create/assist/maintain PSS, IPSS, individual, lab, and group websites
  • AGN Building PSS Support – mail, printers, copiers, and supplies
  • Seminar speaker schedules/announcements/reimbursement

Ellen WeisenhornEllen Weisenhorn
Business Officer
320 Plant Sciences Building
(859) 218-0710

  • Oversee all business and financial operations
  • Handle all budgeting, forecasting, and reporting
  • Complete JVs and Business Procedures Exceptions
  • Approve all Concur reports for PSS accounts
  • Department contact for grant expense management
  • Distribute monthly account ledgers and grant reports
  • Monthly reconciliations for all PSS accounts and grants

Cheyenne DavisCheyenne Davis
Purchasing Specialist
320 Plant Sciences Building
(859) 218-0711

  • Employee reimbursements/PRDs
  • Procard delegate/editor/send reminders (Concur)
  • Receive and deposit all cash/checks including gifts
  • Purchasing equipment and supplies that can't be purchased with Procard
  • Goods confirmations - collects packing slips for punch out orders
  • Process office supply orders through Office Depot
  • Minor equipment data entry

Bill BrueningBill Bruening
Property Specialist
425 Plant Sciences Building
(859) 218-0802

  • Inventory property numbers for new and existing equipment
  • Assist with annual inventory of equipment (UK property and FEPP) 
  • Federal Excess Property Program (FEPP) departmental coordinator
  • Processing (acquiring and removal of) UK surplus equipment
  • Equipment location and tracking, including Off-Campus Equipment Requests
  • Equipment external sales and transfers to/from other departments
  • Work orders for equipment repair

Jim NelsonJim Nelson
Facilities & Safety Specialist
N-222P Ag. Science Building
(859) 257-4150

  • Annual department space inventory
  • Work orders for campus facility repairs
  • Facilitates campus space assignments/management
  • Coordinates laboratory safety inspections
  • Manages Chematix database inventories
  • Coordinates building safety training

Sara CarterSara Carter
Property & Facilities Specialist - North Farm
Weeds Lab, Agronomy Field Lab, North Farm
(859) 259-1914

  • Monitors department vehicles and trailers
  • Work orders for department vehicles
  • Spindletop Farm Fuel Service
  • Spindletop Farm Facilities - buildings, utilities, dryers
  • Spindletop Farm Facilities - safety

Brian LauerBrian Lauer
IT AGN, Seedhouse, Greenhouse & Spindletop Farm
S-205 Ag. Science Building
(859) 257-7470

  • Creating AD accounts
  • Internet connections
  • Computer consulting, installation, repair, anti-virus
  • UK site-licensed software
  • SAS
  • Graduate student laptop assignment
  • Processing surplus computers
  • Web support
  • Help with using the Content Management System (CMS)

Shawn SimpsonShawn Simpson 
IT Specialist, Plant Science & KTRDC
421 Plant Sciences Building
(859) 562-2084

  • Create AD accounts
  • Internet connections
  • Computer consulting, installation, repair, anti-virus
  • Install UK site-licensed software
  • Install SAS software
  • Graduate student laptop assignment
  • Processing surplus computers
  • Distance learning

Contact Information

Rebecca McCulley, Ph.D.
Department Chair

105 Plant Sciences Building Lexington, KY 40546-0312

(859) 257-5020