UK researcher makes important finding in plant reproduction

by Katie Pratt, UK Ag Communications

A University of Kentucky researcher was part of an international group of scientists who traced the origins of sperm production in land plants to one protein. This could have important implications for plant breeding and weed management.

“Because this gene is conserved in all land plants, the generation of complete male sterile plants might be beneficial for plant breeding,” said Tomokazu Kawashima, assistant professor in the UK College of Agriculture, Food and Environment. “In addition, it may be used for weed management by introducing sterile pollens to compete against viable pollens.” 

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Study to determine efficient use of cover crops following double-crop soybeans

“Soybeans, especially double-crop soybeans, are often harvested so late that it’s hard to get a cover crop established if a producer waits until after harvest,” said Edwin Ritchey, associate professor in the UK College of Agriculture, Food and Environment. “Another issue is that soybeans leave very little residue in the field, making these fields more prone to erosion. By seeding the cover crop before leaf drop, we hope to reduce erosion and provide a nutrient benefit to the soil for the subsequent crop.” 

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UK Winter Wheat Meeting, January 8, 2019


Saadi Shahadha Receives 1st Place at ASA/CSSA 2018 Meeting

Saadi Shahadha, IPSS graduate student in soil physics, recently won first place in the ‘Examples of Model Application in Field Research’ community graduate student poster competition at the 2018 ASA/CSSA meeting. Saadi received a certificate and a cash award for his poster “Nitrogen Management Effects on Soil Water Dynamics and Wheat Evapotranspiration”.....READ MORE

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Juan Di Salvo Awarded 2nd Place at ASA/CSSA 2018 Meeting

Juan Di Salvo

Juan Di Salvo, IPSS graduate student in Plant and Soil Sciences, won second place in the 'Semi-arid Dryland Cropping Systems' community poster competition at the 2018 ASA/CSSA meeting. The title of his poster was "Differences in Corn Yield Productivity and Stability by Hybrid Maturity.".......READ MORE

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PSS Seminar Jason Unrine November 30, 2018

PSS Seminar Mark Alley November 16, 2018