Jason Unrine


PSS faculty member, led a team of scientists to discover how nanomaterials enter and move within tomato plants on the cellular level. This finding will help scientists better predict how nanomaterials are taken up, transformed and subsequently, enter human and ecological food webs.


Tomo Kawashima,  

liverwort kawashima labfaculty member in Plant and Soil Sciences, was part of an international group of scientists who traced the origins of sperm production in land plants to one protein. This could have important implications for plant breeding and weed management.


Student Spotlight

Ran Tian

"Seeds make up around 70% of the human diet directly, so understanding regulatory mechanisms to generate a seed, and the embryo it contains, is fundamentally important. My research focus on several gene and protein families that are involved in the embryo development, especially the transition to seedling development in Arabidopsis and Soybean."  Ran Tian, IPSS graduate student in Dr. Sharyn Perry's program, is the 2019 recipient of the Dennis Tekrony Seed Biology Travel Fellowship Award.

Upcoming Events

UK Wheat Field Day May 14 2019 (All day)
KATS: Field Crop Scouting Clinic May 21 2019 (All day)
UK Turf Field Day Jul 11 2019 (All day)
UK Corn, Soybean and Tobacco Field Day Jul 23 2019 (All day)
UK Industrial Hemp Research Field Day Aug 21 2019 (All day)

Recent Seminars

No Till Dr Eileen Kladivko

PSS Seminar Role of Molecular Cytogenetics in Plant Breeding/Genetics/Genomics March 29, 2019 Edited

PSS Seminar Pores, Microbial Footprint, and Soil Carbon Gains March 8, 2019 Edited