University of Kentucky
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Friday, October 8, 2021

Location: University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY. This research is part of an international
collaboration across researchers within the Agricultural Model Intercomparison and
Improvement Project (AgMIP; http://www.agmip.org/).

Appointment and start date: To be appointed starting on December 1, 2018 (or as soon as
possible thereafter). This position is for one year and could be extended pending on additional

Project description: Crop model responses to the effect of CO2, temperature, water, and
nitrogen (CTWN) introduce large uncertainty when predicting future crop production. Testing
and developing improved crop models that can predict across this range of environmental
conditions involves major collaborative efforts between field experimentalists, crop
physiologists, crop modelers, and climatologists. We are seeking a highly motivated individual
that will work with an international team of crop modelers and data experimentalists. The
candidate will lead the data analysis and generation of research manuscripts on soybean crop
model comparison and improvement on CTWN sensitivity (Phase I) and on model testing with
experimental data from FACE and eddy‐covariance towers data (Phase II). The candidate will
work closely with a multi‐disciplinary mentoring team with extensive experience in model
evaluation and improvement. This project will be the first international multi‐model
comparison done on a major legume crop.

Responsibilities: Preparation of model inputs, evaluation of model outputs, coordination of
modeling activities within the AgMIP‐Soybean team, writing research manuscripts.
Qualifications: PhD in crop modeling or in grain crops ecophysiology or agronomy with
experience in the use of a crop simulation model. Skilled knowledge of statistical analysis
software and coding language.

Application: Please submit to Dr. Montse Salmeron (msalmeron@uky.edu) the following

  • Cover letter
  • Curriculum vita with at least two references
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