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The Kentucky Soybean Variety Performance Trials are conducted to provide an unbiased and objective estimate of the relative performance of soybean varieties in Kentucky.

2022 Kentucky Soybean Variety Trial Report


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2023 Variety Performance Tests - Nomination Form 

We are now accepting entries for the 2023 Kentucky Soybean Variety Trials. Experimental lines are also welcome.

Soybean variety trials will be conducted at 6 locations. Three maturity class trials (Early - MG 3.9 or less; Medium - MG 4.0-4.6; Late - MG 4.7 or greater) will be conducted at each location in a randomized complete block design with three replications per entry.

The fee is $500 per entry for all trials. 12 pounds of seed is required per entry. Seed treatment is highly recommended and must be listed and treated at labeled rates. Entry forms and seed must be received by March 28, 2023. Please contact us if there are seed delays/cancellations – we can often make substitutions & entry form edits after the initial due date.

The 2023 Entry Nomination Form can be downloaded by clicking here: 2023 Kentucky Soybean Variety Performance Trials Form - PDF

2023 Specialty, Biostimulant, contract Soybean yield trials

The program also offer separate contract trials. Seed breeders, soybean enhancement product developers, and agronomists interested in these trials should contact Cam Kenimer to discuss contract testing. The base price per plot is $30 for standard planting, management, harvest and analysis.  A Minimum of 100 plots (or $3,000) is required to ensure cost feasibility of any contract.


Mid-South Soybean Variety Trial Database - Now Live

Soybean growing regions often cross state lines but variety trials information is typically reported by state. The Mid-South Soybean Variety Trial Database is the result of a collaborative effort between the University of Tennessee, University of Kentucky, Virginia Tech, North Carolina State, and University of Arkansas, and is funded by the United Soybean Board. The database allows stakeholders to summarize and filter yield, quality, and phenotypic data based on location characteristics that cross multiple states. 

The Database is hosted by the United Soybean Board Market View DashBoard: Mid-South Soybean Database


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