Plant and Soil Sciences seminars, unless noted differently, are held on Fridays at 3:00 PM in the Cameron Williams Lecture Hall, 101 Plant Science Building, 1405 Veteran's Drive, Lexington KY, 40546.

January 18Andy Bailey"Sixteen years of Dark Tobacco Research and Extension in Kentucky and Tennessee"
January 25IPSS Graduate Students3 Minute Thesis Competition
February 1Michael Barrett"Seeking knowledge and stories to enrich my teaching: A sabbatical report"
February 8Roger Brown & Jennifer Pusateri"Universal Desigh for Learning: How to Identify and Reduce Barriers to Learning"
February 15Andrew Kniss“Superweeds, cancer, and the pesticide treadmill: Impacts of 20 years of glyphosate use in Roundup Ready crops.”
February 22Ray Smith and Jimmy Henning"100 Years of Forage Extension in Kentucky"
February 28 - 10 AMXi Zhang, PhD Exit Seminar "Spatial Estimation of Hydraulic Properties in Structured Soils at the Field Scale"
March 1Juan Pablo Giraldo"Improving plant stress tolerance through chloroplast nanobiotechnology"
March 8Sasha Kravchenko"Pores, microbial footprint and soil carbon gains"
Thursday, March 14, NOONDr. Georgia Drakakaki"Plant endomembrane dynamics and glycomics"
March 15Spring Break - No SeminarNo Seminar
March 22John Fellers"Finding the Achilles' Heel of Wheat Pathogens"
March 29Nurul Faridi"Plant molecular cytogenetics in genomics and breeding"
April 5Jarrod Miller"Preparing for Post-Graduate Life"

April 10


IPSS Graduate Students

Donald Sparks, Guest of Honor

IPSS Mini Symposium
April 12No Seminar 
April 19Travis Legleiter"Building an Extension Weed Science Program Going into The Stacked Herbicide Resistance Era"
April 26Wei Ren"Quantifying Smart Agriculture’s Footprint at Multiple Scales: An Integrated Modeling Approach"
May 3Dongmei Zu, Outstanding Alumnus 

Many of the PSS seminars from 2017 - present are available for viewing on the PSS YouTube Channel