Rebecca Shelton

Rebecca is currently a research assistant and PhD student at Arizona State University in the School of Sustainability. She obtained a MS under direction of Dr. Rebecca McCulley in 2015.

"My master's degree program in IPSS helped prepare me in three ways for my PhD program: First, because I was given the opportunity to design my own research project, it helped develop my ability to ask a pointed research question and design a project around answering that question. In the field of sustainability this is a very difficult thing to do because there are so many questions and the answers are confounded by complexity and the unpredictability of human agency. Second, it strengthened my background in ecology and natural sciences in a way that has enabled me to be able to speak to scholars in these fields with credibility despite the fact that I am now working in a very interdisciplinary, and sometimes misunderstood, field. Third, it prepared me for the rigor!"

More information on Rebecca's work at Arizona State University can be read at her ASU web site.