A new award fund aimed towards graduate students achieving excellence in agronomy was recently granted to the Department of Plant and Soil Sciences. The Johnston-Carringer Agronomy Graduate Student Award, founded by Rick and Sandra Carringer, will be launched Spring 2021.

“We were both fortunate to have benefited from research assistantships that allowed us to further our education in graduate school that might not have been possible otherwise. The education we received at UK in the classroom, laboratory, and in the field shaped our lives in so many ways, and in large part, has been instrumental in the successes we have achieved in owning and managing an Ag research business. The award fund we have established is simply a way for us to give back to UK to assist current and future graduate students in becoming successful. Hopefully it will provide additional opportunities for them that will further enhance the exceptional education they will receive at UK.”

-Sandra Johnston Carringer, Johnston-Carringer Award Founder