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2022 Variety Performance Tests - Nomination Form 

The Kentucky Soybean Variety Performance Tests Program is now accepting entries for the 2022 trials. The 2022 Entry Nomination Form can be downloaded by clicking here: 2022 Kentucky Soybean Variety Performance Trials Form - PDF.

2022 Soybean yield trials

The program also offer separate trials. Seed breeders, soybean enhancement product developers, and agronomists interested in these trials should contact Claire Venard to discuss feasibility. The price per plot is $30.

2021 Soybean Variety Performance Trials

The Kentucky Soybean Variety Performance Trials are conducted to provide an unbiased and objective estimate of the relative performance of soybean varieties in Kentucky. This information may be used by growers and seed producers to aid in selecting varieties that will give the highest total production in a specific situation. Soybean cultivars are entered by soybean growers, commercial companies, and state & federal institutions.

The soybean variety performance tests are conducted in all major regions of soybean production in Kentucky. Conventional and genetically engineered soybean varieties within the relative maturity groups (MG) 2.0 to 5.9 are accepted. Five tests are planted at each site: varieties in the MG II (2.0-2.9), MG III (3.0-3.9), MG IV Early (4.0-4.5), MG IV Late (4.6-4.9), and MG V (5.0-5.9).  Detailed information is provided within the nomination form. The fee per variety is $504. Preliminary data are posted on this webpage as the varieties in each maturity group are harvested.

The 2021 KY Soybean Variety Trials results are now avialable in Excel and in PDF formats.  Click on the links below to download the results: 

2021 Kentucky Soybean Variety Trials - Excel file

2021 Kentucky Soybean Variety Trials - PDF PR-811

Annual publication and archived reports:

Soybean Variety Trials - Archived Reports

2022 Biostimulants and Soybean Enhancement Products Trials - Nomination form

The University of Kentucky is now proposing a service to evaluate efficiency of biostimulant and enhancement products for soybean production. The program will start accepting entries for the 2022 trials very soon. The experimental design and nomination form will be posted here.

Mid-South Soybean Variety Trial Database - Now Live

Soybean growing regions often cross state lines but variety trials information is typically reported by state. The Mid-South Soybean Variety Trial Database is the result of a collaborative effort between the University of Tennessee, University of Kentucky, Virginia Tech, North Carolina State, and University of Arkansas, and is funded by the United Soybean Board. The database allows stakeholders to summarize and filter yield, quality, and phenotypic data based on location characteristics that cross multiple states. 

The Database is hosted by the United Soybean Board Market View DashBoard: Mid-South Soybean Database


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