About KSIA

Why Certify Seed? 

Seed certification provides an orderly means of maintaining and making available to the public high quality seeds and propagating materials of superior plant varieties, so grown and distributed as to insure genetic identity and purity.  Kentucky Certified Seed must also meet minimum standards for germination, mechanical purity and freedom from certain diseases and troublesome weeds.

Eligibility of Varieties

  • Approved by the Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station Variety Review Board
  • Released by the Ky Ag Experiment Station
  • Approved by the appropriate National Variety Review Board
  • Plant Variety Protection granted or applied 
  • Approved for certification by another certification agency

Who Certifies Seed?

  • Kentucky Seed Improvement Association (KSIA) has been designated as the official seed certification agency for the state of Kentucky.
  • No other organization or company has the authority to certify seed in Kentucky.
  • Each state has one official agency.
  • All state agencies belong to AOSCA.

How do I tell the difference between Certified and uncertified?

  • Blue Certification label with official seal. If it doesn't have the blue tag it's notCertified.
  • Isn't it certified if it has a tag? No, it has to be an official Blue Certified tag with the KSIA seal.